Seen anything lately?

20th April 2022: The first Reed Warbler of the year was heard singing by the lake today :

17th October 2021: A Marsh Harrier hunting over the lake in the late afternoon :

16th October 2021: Three Cranes flying north-west :

24th April 2021 : Little grebe nest found with one egg!

24th April 2021 : 6 goslings following Mr and Mrs Canada Goose onto the pond

19th April – 8 swift boxes are now installed. All beautifully hand crafted by Tim Norriss. Many thanks! :

12th April – a Firecrest was caught and ringed. A first! :

Sat 27th March, 2021 : The first swallows seen flitting across the ponds.

Fri 19th March, 2021 : The first chiffchaff seen around a Euphorbia, giving the best demonstration yet of a hummingbird!

Wed 12th March, 2021 : Two male Shoveler ducks – very stark, smart plumage.

Fri 5th March, 2021 : c.440 large gulls flying NE between 06:00 and 07:00 in groups of up to 70. Mostly Herring Gulls but a few Lesser black-backed. These would have roosted on the sea and are heading inland to feed. Also two Cormorants – probably heading for the coast possibly from Sutton Bingham reservoir

Fri 5th March, 2021 : Reed Buntings and Starlings roosting in the reed bed.

Fri 5th March, 2021 : Female Pochard has remained on the pond.

Wed 17th February, 2021 : A ubiquitous Gadwall – for the amateur, almost indistinguishable from a Mallard. More solid! March 2021: So many Canada Geese!

Sun 18th October, 2020 : For the first time ever, a murmuration of starlings over the farm. Every evening since and you can set your watch by the time they start – an unexplained, perfectly choreographed display of aerial gymnastics – thousands at a time. One could watch for hours at this mesmerising sight but, as quickly as they started, they swoop down into the reedbed for the night. Show over folks, nothing to see here!

Sat 17th October, 2020 : No redshanks but plenty of redpolls and redwings. The lesser redpoll is a diminutive finch, which has a splash of red on its head – suggesting it walked into a newly-painted wall. They congregate in groups with the siskins in the willow near the pond. The redwing is a small thrush with a give-away red flash under its wings. They are winter visitors, choosing to move on almost as quickly as they arrived.

Sat 17th October, 2020 : Snipe are back! Common snipe and their baby cousins, the jack-snipe, roosting in the west side of the pond in the reeds. In the winter, during the day, they sit tight. Only when disturbed do they fly off, like a rocket. The jack snipe however will generally sit until danger passes. Like the woodcock, they have disproportionately long beaks and large eyes (all the better for seeing in the dark, when they eat)

Wed 14th October, 2020 : Spotted over the woods : 1 white-tailed fish eagle. He carried a GPS box on his back and the report back from the BTO was that he had been part of the release programme on the Isle of Wight, spent his summer in Scotland before flying down to Penzance. Bigger than any bird sighted, ever (wingspan of ±220cm – bigger than Maro Otoje)


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